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Our members

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Greta is our Business Director.

She has 10 years of experience starting co-ops. Greta was a founding member of The Burrow Housing Co-operative, which now owns a 13 bedroom home in Manchester. Greta is a founding member of the Software Co-operative and has published academic work in the field of disability studies. Greta is good at developing administrative systems, business planning, and project management.

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Jess is our Relationships Director.

Jess has over a decade of experience founding and running volunteer projects, and managing large organisations of 100+ people. They are a trained mediator and are experienced in facilitating conflict resolution sessions for co-operatives and non-profit organisations. They specialise in policy production, delivering training, client communications, recruitment, and management. When not working for Manchester Business Co-op, they are an associate lecturer at a local University.

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