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At Manchester Business Co-op, our goal is to help co-operatives

and other small organisations succeed.

We believe that co-ops have the potential to provide great value to their members and customers, without sacrificing ethical values. We don’t want the administrative hurdles associated with setting up or running an organisation to prevent people from making their ideas into a reality. Our services include:

  • bookkeeping, 

  • payroll,

  • organisational software, 

  • writing business and marketing plans, 

  • recruitment, 

  • dispute resolution and mediation, 

  • crisis management and resilience strategies,

  • and more.


Between our members, we have a wealth of experience in setting up, living, and working in co-ops. We love how co-ops have helped us live and work the way that we want to, and want to share that with you.

Our clients

The words "Books Beyond Bars" in white text over a bright pink background. In the bottom right corne

Books Beyond Bars

Manchester Business Co-operative have been invaluable in

helping us navigate the world of accounting. Their friendly staff, approachable manner, and affordable services mean we would recommend them to all small businesses, co-operatives and campaigning organisations.

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